The Leprechauns Of Software Engineering

Laurent contacted us with a challenge:

I already have a non-default cover, that I made myself and — I know that's a trap I've fallen into, not good news — one that I like.

Laurent Bossavit

Challenge accepted!

We brainstormed some ideas and moods for the book during our first call. Graph paper and processes were two concepts that came up so we decided to explore this theme a little further.

After a few variations on the flow of the cover, we decided on this one. Rainbows, magic and other folklore tales merge into the pot of gold. They are mechanized into facts and golden rules. We don't question their origin, it's always been like this!

By narrowing on one association around leprechauns, we could make an interesting connection. Ignoring the character itself, the green color and the clover led to a more interesting cover. Laurent and I both like the result!

Check out the book on Leanpub