Self publishing a book is hard. You have to be the writer, editor, sales, marketing and cover artist all in one. Thankfully Sebastian came to the rescue lifting some of the burden by creating the stunning cover of my Inceptions book and the beautiful illustrations you can find buried inside the book. If you are writing a book (or planning to) don't hesitate to use this service! Not only will it take away another thing in your todo list, but it will make your book far more attractive to your readers!

Enrique Comba Riepenhausen

This is the cover that started it all. Enrique was about to publish for the first time the book to his subscribers and asked a last minute feedback on his cover. We both agreed that it could be better.

In a whim, I fired illustrator and showed him a better version. We refined it and the next morning, his book went live. Pretty awesome stuff if you ask me. I love working on projects like this one.

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