The Free-quent Flyer's Manifesto

Gideon got a hold of us for a complete different type of cover. Nothing to do with anything technical at all. We quietly smiled on other side of the skype call and high fived in silence, waiting to hear more.

He talked about a sub-culture that hacks travel programs to get more rewards. Business travellers don't know how to get more points and enjoy better perks. That's the focus of the book.

You can see the world for next to nothing.

Gideon was looking for a fun cover. It should tell the reader that this book will save them a bunch of cash. Right away, we started joking that we could add a $ sign to the title: $eing the world for next to nothing, and that people should travel to places like Freengland.

The typography work on the title was fun to make. It gives the feeling of an established traveler's guide brand and separates the free from the quent word. A play on words that we could not let it pass by.

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